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Calling all mermaids! I’m a film student at SUNY Purchase College. This upcoming year, I plan to shoot a short documentary on something important to me- the ocean. Humans love the ocean, its a huge resource, yet its nearly destroyed. I plan on traveling all over the American coast and possibly internationally to see the ocean first hand, interview people with passion for ocean preservation and get some answers as to what’s going on!

But I need your help. Your donation will go towards airfare and gas money to transport and house my crew and I all over the world, as well as towards equipment, food, animation and post-production, and any fees we may incur at the various locations we plan to visit, such as beaches and aquariums.
Depending on your donation, you could receive great perks such as a producer credit, a sustainable fishing brochure, or even a bag of shark gummies!

Even if you can’t donate, please spread the word about my campaign and what’s going on in the ocean! Everything helps, thanks!